April 5, 2011

Breakfast Beer is For Breakfast...Or Is It?

breakfast_beer.jpgA New Zealand brewery is frothing up some controversy with its announcement of a new cherry-flavored "breakfast beer" designed to taste good in the morning.

We hope it goes well with Pop Tarts, but have a feeling the whole thing is more publicity stunt than attempt to get you to drink beer in the AM. Why? Because people who are going to drink beer in the morning already drink beer in the morning - and no lager with a hint of cherries is the root cause, we can pretty much guarantee.

That's not stopping folks from freaking out about it. Which means they're talking about it. Which means they're playing right into Moa's clever little hands. All we can say is give us some Moa of that breakfast beer. See what we did there?

Moa Brewery [via CocktailGoGo]

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March 29, 2011

Ron de Jeremy Rum Comes to Our Doorstep

ron-and-ron-de-jeremy-rum.jpgWe wish we could say this picture was taken here in our Liquor Snob offices, but the best we can brag about is a bottle of the rum the man is holding, not the man himself. We've been excited about Ron de Jeremy rum since we first covered it back in January, and we're positively giddy to try it now. There's a rumor that he kisses the tip of every bottle that goes out, but it's not true - we know because we're the ones that started the rumor...right now.

Expect a review soonishly...as soon as we're done setting the mood.

More at Ron de Jeremy

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March 21, 2011

The Balvenie Whisky Academy

the_balvenie_whisky_academy.jpgDo you remember those old Sally Struthers commercials for ICS? Y'know, "Do you want to make more money? Sure, we all do." That's how we feel about whisky...sure, we all want to know more about it. That's why we're so excited about the announcement of The Balvenie Whisky Academy, which we heard about from What Does John Know?.

Learn more about the program at his site, but here's a rundown of the modules...they had us at "whisky nitty gritty":

Module 1 - 'The History of Scotch Malt Whisky'

Experts featured: Charles MacLean and Sukhinder Singh of The Whisky Exchange

Module 2 - 'Production of Scotch Malt Whisky'

Experts featured: Richard Lake from Crisp Maltings Group, Marie Stanton, Stuart Watts and David Stewart from The Balvenie, Ian Grant from Glenfiddich and Leslie Gracie from William Grant & Sons

Module 3 - 'Whisky Nitty Gritty'

Experts featured: Eddie Ludlow of The Whisky Lounge, writer Gavin D Smith, The Balvenie Global Ambassador, Sam Simmons and Sukhinder Singh of The Whisky Exchange

Module 4 - 'Nosing and Tasting'

Experts featured: Leslie Gracie, Eddie Ludlow, David Mair, David Stewart and Sam Simmons

The Balvenie Whisky Academy and get a video sample at YouTube.

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March 17, 2011

A Rapping Leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day

And so, on this most famous of drinking days, we give you this pugnacious and foul-mouthed little drunken scrapper. In all fairness he may be dressed as an Oompa Loompa instead of a Leprechaun, but if you can get past that it's entertaining enough. Plus you can hear some Dropkick Murphys-y music playing in the background, so we're calling it Irish! Glad to hear the Murphys have hit a Spinal Tap-esque level of LP-related awesomeness.

Editor's Note: Don't watch this video if you don't want to see an angry little person being dangled by his ankles. You were warned.

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March 15, 2011

Ransom Old Tom Gin

ransom_old_tom_gin.jpgIf you're not familiar with Old Tom gin, it's somewhat of a "missing link" between London Dry and the sweeter Dutch-style gins. What does that mean? According to YumSugar, it might mean everything, depending on your palate:

Ransom is an authentic Old Tom gin, which means it's made from malted barley and corn, much like a whiskey. Then, it's aged in oak wine barrels for a few months.

The result is a spirit somewhere between gin and whiskey, and unlike anything I've ever tasted. The barrel aging gives the gin a woody, herbaceous flavor, but it still retains gin's signature juniper and citrus flavors.

Sounds like just what the doctor ordered if you're looking to experience the flavors of both your classic "white" and "brown" liquors - ebony and ivory writ large in a cocktail glass.

Ransom Spirits [via YumSugar]

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March 14, 2011

Quotable Drunkard Book For All Your Drunken Quoting Needs

quotable_drunkard.jpg"I'm not a heavy drinker. I can sometimes go for hours without touching a drop." - Noel Coward

We've always called alcohol our favorite social lubricant, that thing that untrips our tongues and helps free the witty social butterfly that lives inside us. There are some moments, however, where our wit fails us and we wish we had a reference to find out what some other drunk might have said. That's where The Quotable Drunkard book comes in.

Just think - you'll be able to pre-memorize multiple quotes for your next St. Patrick's Day toast, Best Man speech or parole hearing. We've been thumbing through the review copy we were sent and we've found quite a few good quotes, both short quips and longer passages, along with cocktail recipes and other tidbits.

The Quotable Drunkard: Words of Wit, Wisdom, and Philosophy From the Bottom of the Glass (Amazon)

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March 10, 2011

Charbay Rum & Tequila Arrive for Review

charbay_tequila.jpgA while back, we did a couple Charbay whiskey reviews (Hopped and Doubled & Twisted), and we have to say - we liked what we drank. We've just gotten our hands on two more bottles - their rum and tequila to be exact - and we hope to get to tasting them ASAP. In our review of the hopped whiskey we advised you to rough up the elderly if it meant you could get a chance to taste it - we'll try to keep things a bit more peaceable with these reviews.

Learn more about what these folks are up to at Charbay.com.

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March 9, 2011

Kegworks Beer Pocket Hoodie

beer_pouch_hoodie_kegworks.jpgWe've covered beer pouch hoodies before, but we're re-inspired to wear beer-friendly outerwear ever since we discovered the Columbia Koozie jacket., the greatest addition to clothing since the invention of the tube top.

We like this Kegworks beer pouch hoodie on its own with its beer pouch that replaces the traditional kangaroo pouch, but if you wear this with the Koozie you'll be a brew force to be reckoned with. One beer in the sweatshirt pouch, two in the Koozie pockets, one in each hand, and one in your belly - that makes a six-pack much easier to transport, doesn't it?

KegWorks Beer Pouch Hoodie Sweatshirt: Large

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March 7, 2011

Sloshed Reviews Last Round Hangover Support

last_round_hangover_support.jpgWe've heard about Last Round, a "hangover support" supplement that claims to take the edge off your Irish Flu, for a couple months now. We've heard good things, but our hands down favorite review probably comes from Sloshed!. We know from experience it can be tough to scientifically test a hangover remedy since there are so many factors that can add to them, but we think they did a damned fine job:

First, we thought of the worst possible combination of alcoholic beverages that would be sure to give us a legendary hangover, or at least induce hours of painful headaches: we consumed a bottle of wine, several beers (both craft and shitty adjunct lager), three cocktails, and because I'm a perfectionist, one shot of grain alcohol to top it off. We drank no water at all, had a very light dinner beforehand, and took no pain relievers or aspirin at any time. Then, after we were good and sauced, we each took a bottle of Last Round before bed.
Head on over to Sloshed! to see the results, let us just say - based on this we might just order a case.

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March 2, 2011

Columbia Koozie Hoodie Jacket

columbia-koozie-hoodie.jpgSpring is coming, and for us that means a whole lot more standing outside drinking beers than we do in the winter. Columbia's Koozie jacket is water and stain resistant, includes custom-built beer pockets, and has an integrated bottle opener. For seventy five bones we don't think you can go wrong - we're cool with the beer drinking part but please never let us hear you were "bro-in' down with your BFFs" like they say in the product description. You will be dead to us.

Altrec (Also available at Amazon) [via Uncrate]

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